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The Truth about Corporate Video Production



Corporate video is the way of spread a message to internal and external sources. This type of video is different from commercial videos that just target audience for the sale of their products. An educational and business company uses corporate videos. Let’s further discuss about the corporate video production.

Facts about corporate video production

Corporate video production is a practice of creating videos and spreading it to a particular audience rather than the general audience. For example, a corporate video is done on purpose to present the financial results of company.  The corporate video is to show company sales growth during PowerPoint presentation. The corporate video includes of employee training video and product promotional videos. Companies focus on explaining the work about the product in brief. These types of video usage are more nowadays, which are significantly used for communication purpose or to broadcast it on social media/television. Companies uses crowd-funding sites or campaign such as Kickstarter video production and many other video productions to create such types of videos. The cost of digital cameras is gradually falling, which aids corporate videos and provides growth to the company. According to the latest statistics, 98% of business organizations use corporate videos. The best part of using corporate videos is that the cost of producing video is low. Corporate videos help a website to generate traffic which results in good revenue. Nowadays people are addicted to social media and browsing which helps the website to create an engagement with viewers. Corporate videos spread great messages in just a fraction of minutes, makes it easy to understand huge projects. There are many types of corporate videos available, let’s discuss about them.

What are the types of corporate videos?

  • Promotional videos- This type of videos reflect especially on a specific product or service. Promotional videos are uploaded on official accounts, social media, and websites so that people can know about the latest product or service.
  • Training videos- Videos which are used for hiring’s, safety skills training for company employees. Training videos area cheaper way to train your staff and employees rather than personal training. The best part of training videos is they are intended once and can be shown many times.
  • Internal communication videos- This type of videos are produced for specific organization employees. These videos spread the message to the organization. For example- a company creating a video for their financial information and changes which is to be dispersed within the organization. Videos are very active and a lot of messages are circulated funnily.
  • Conference videos- Such videos are created to cover information during the conference and corporate events. These videos are shown during a presentation or in the location of the conference venue.

Corporate videos are a new trend in the corporate sector. Corporations are focusing on social media which convey a positive message to society. Corporate video is the primary source for creating traffic on official websites. These corporate videos are a definitive guide for internal or external communications. I would like to end my article and I hope you understood all about corporate videos.


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