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6 Things you should tell your wedding photographer



Wedding photographers play very important roles in weddings. So, it is very important for you to communicate effectively with your professional wedding photographer and share necessary information.

When it comes to Indian wedding photography, there are a lot of rituals and customs the photographer needs to cover. If you guide him properly, it will make his work much easier.

Most of the wedding photographers like it when the couples tell them the important aspects of their weddings. Check these 6 things that you should tell your wedding photographer.

   1.Provide them with a wedding day timeline:

Developing a wedding day timeline is one of the most important things that you need to provide your wedding photographer. Wedding day timeline is really crucial to make sure the wedding day runs smoothly. Unnecessary stress can be avoided if you share a wedding day timeline with your wedding photographer.

As wedding photographers have an adequate amount of experience with the wedding day timelines, you can ask them to assist you. They will provide you with advice to make your timeline better. If anything wrong happens, you can talk to your photographer to resolve the problem.

   2. Communicate the details and special events of your wedding:

If you have planned your wedding for a long time and you have planned the details accurately, you will definitely want your wedding photographer to capture all the details perfectly. You need to communicate all of these details to your professional wedding photographer.

If you want to add anything that is special to you or looks really unique, inform your wedding photographer in advance. It includes details such as crazy dances, photoshoot of the bride with her best friend, etc

. You may want your photographer to capture the details of your antique wedding decorations beautifully. As antique decorations add elegance and charm to the wedding, they deserve a special place in your wedding album too.

   3. Provide him with an idea about the area and venue:

Your photographer must have an understanding of the layout of the wedding venue. Provide him with an area plan, so he will plan the lighting requirements of that area

If you can convey to him the color themes of the venue, it will be really beneficial to the photographer. So, he will visualize, plan and set the equipment in advance.

   4. Tell your photographer about your preferred locations for getting photographed:

You may like to get clicked under a beautiful tree situated in the park surrounding the wedding venue. You may want to get captured at the time of walking down the staircase of the venue. Tell your wedding photographer about these specific locations where you prefer to get photographed.

If you tell your photographer about the locations in advance, he will get time to observe these locations and get prepared. He will also be able to utilize the time to adjust lighting if it is necessary.

    5. If you have planned any surprise, inform him about it:

Have you planned anything special for your wedding day? You really need to discuss it with your photographer in advance. If you share your surprise plan with your photographer, he will be able to prepare and stand in the best place to capture the moment.

The surprise can be anything that is special to you. Just make sure it captures the mood of your wedding day perfectly.

The surprise can be balloons filled with confetti above your dance floor that will explore at a particular time. It will capture the festive mood of the special day. It can also be a proposal planned by the groom for the bride and it will definitely capture the romantic essence of your wedding.

6. Inform him about the most important guests:

Make sure your photographer meet your most important guests personally. Introduce your photographer with your relatives, friends and colleagues. So, he will understand that they are the important guests of the ceremony. He will definitely capture special moments of those guests with you beautifully.

Your perfect Indian wedding photography can not happen without proper collaboration among you and your photographer. Make sure your photographer gets a clear idea about your preferences and expectations.

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