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How to earn maximum from PTC sites



Paid to clicks sites are easiest process to earn money online. But honestly whether you join any reputed ptc sites or a new ptc sites you always earn low if you don’t focus on referral and surveys. In this post i’m going to share some best methods that you can use to increase your earning from paid to click sites.

Ways to earn more from paid to click sites –

Refer Other – Most of the PTC sites offer lucrative referring commission for their users. Even some of them also offer up to 3 tier multi level commission. So if you refers huge no of people you can earn handsome money without doing much work. Let’s see how you can increase your referral .

  • Create a blog and write some tips, tricks and review about paid to click sites and bring traffic from social media and google. Blogging is the best way you can gather maximum no of referral quickly.
  • Create a vlog, start creating videos related to PTC sites features, ptc sites review etc and share it through various social media. Don’t forget to insert your referral link in your video description section.
  • If you are student then tell your friends the pros about the ptc sites and ask them to join.
  • Join some money related forum and share your referral URL there.

Be Active, keep patience – In PTC sites more active means more money. So try to be active as long as possible. More active means you will get more paid to view ads, you will get more tasks and more surveys. So why not to add more dollars by being active more times.

Keep eyes on Surveys – In ptc sites surveys is the one and only option from where you can earn good money without having large referral base. One bad thing about surveys is if you are from asia pacific country then you will not get good price for each survey even you will see many surveys are not available in your country. But when you are from top tier country like – United States, united kingdom, canada etc. you will get highest paid survey. High price mean you can earn up to $30 from a single survey.

Do tasks as much as you can – Tasks is another option to earn money from Paid to click sites. But it does not give as much money as survey does. In tasks most of the time you need to install an app, or categorize some image or complete certain level in any games to complete that task. Normally it’s much easier than surveys as well as takes lower time than surveys. So do tasks as much as possible.

If you follow all of the above listed method I can assure you will very soon cross the $10/ day mark and don’t take surveys and tasks lightly. Because surveys and tasks are the best ways to earn more from ptc sites. Hope this post help you earn more. Thanks for reading. Keep sharing.

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