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IGNOU Grade Card Calculator 2019



Indira Gandhi National University embraces its own instrument, that is, IGNOU 2019 evaluation mini-computer, to figure the imprints and grades to be granted to understudies. The evaluation card number cruncher of IGNOU 2019 allocates a specific weighting to various parts of an applicant’s scholarly work done over the span of his/her stay in the college. The imprints to be granted to the applicant are then determined to utilize these weights and included to decide the last level of the competitor. IGNOU grade card number cruncher 2019 additionally pursues an evaluation outline based on which it grants evaluations to understudies as per the rates scored by them. Competitors who are to show up for TEE ought to experience the whole breakdown of the IGNOU 2019 evaluation card number cruncher given underneath in the event that they are ignorant or befuddled with respect to how they will be checked.

Indira Gandhi National Open University offers various undergrad and postgraduate courses through separation or open mode, which happens to be an advantageous alternative for a lot of understudies. IGNOU confirmation 2019 is directed for understudies who wish to enlist themselves in the college to examine these courses. Hopefuls who are joined up with the college will be assessed based on the assignments presented by them and the imprints gotten by them in Term End Examination hypothesis and TEE functional tests. The imprints verified in these subjects will be considered by the evaluation card number cruncher of IGNOU 2019 to ascertain the last level of the hopeful.

The TEE for IGNOU January 2019 cycle will be directed in December 2019 and the TEE for IGNOU July 2019 cycle will be led in June 2020.

For more data identified with IGNOU grade card number cruncher 2019 like vital dates of examination and results, weight separation, grade outline, ventures to compute the all out rate and replies to oftentimes made inquiries, competitors may peruse beneath.

Step by step instructions to Check IGNOU 2019 Grade Card/Result

Prior to discovering how to figure the evaluations, competitors should initially realize how to check results and grade card.

To check the outcome, competitors should tap on the official connection.

After tapping on the connection, applicants should enter their nine-digit enrolment number.

Next, they need to tap on the ‘submit’ catch. The competitors’ outcomes will show up on the screen.

For IGNOU TEE grade card, hopefuls should tap on the official connection.

Next, they should go to the ‘understudy bolster segment’ and snap on ‘results’.

On the left-hand side of the page which will currently show up, applicants should tap on ‘grade card’ alternative.

When hopefuls have tapped on the connection, they will be approached to enter their enrolment number and program name.

In the wake of entering these subtleties, hopefuls should tap on ‘submit’ catch.

The evaluation card of the applicant will presently show up on the window.

IGNOU 2019 Grade Card Calculator – Weightage Breakup

Presently coming to review card adding machine of IGNOU 2019, hopefuls first should allude to the weightage separation given underneath. In the table, the weightages for various segments of hopeful’s scholarly work are given underneath. The imprints scored by the competitors will be determined by these weightages. A case of how the evaluation card number cruncher functions around these weightages to ascertain the imprints is likewise given underneath.

Components Weightage
Assignments 30%
Term end theory examination 70%

As referenced in the above table, the imprints in assignments will be given 30% weightage and the imprints in TEE hypothesis examination will be given 70% weightage.

Along these lines, for instance, if a competitor has 90 stamps in the assignments in the evaluation card, he/she will be granted 27 marks and if an applicant has 70 checks in the TEE hypothesis examination in the evaluation card, he/she will be granted 49 marks. So the absolute imprints for that course will be (27+49) 76 marks.

Utilizing a similar procedure, applicants need to figure the imprints for all courses and include them up.

To figure the rate, applicants should isolate the absolute stamps by 1200.

IGNOU 2019 Grade Card Calculator – Grading Chart

IGNOU likewise has its very own evaluating graph which it uses to grant evaluations to understudies based on the last rate scored by them. Given in the table beneath are the rate sections, their particular letter grades, subjective dimensions, and point grades. With the assistance of this, applicants can compute the evaluation they are to be granted based on their last rate.

Letter Grade Percentage Qualitative level Point Grade
A 80% and Above Excellent 5
B 60% to 79.9% Very Good 4
C 50% to 59.9% Good 3
D 40% to 49.9% Satisfactory 2
E Below 40% Unsatisfactory 1

Subtleties Mentioned on IGNOU Grade Card 2019

Since applicants know the entire system of evaluation card of IGNOU 2019, competitors can take a look at the accompanying subtleties referenced on the evaluation card of IGNOU 2019.


Applicant’s name

Applicant’s enrolment number

Program’s name

Course codes

Number of assignments submitted

Number of assignments required to be submitted

TEE hypothesis marks

TEE down to earth marks

Status of assignments (finished/not finished)

Remember These Points For Ignou Grade Card Calculator 2019

Competitors ought to recall that the imprints referenced in IGNOU grade card for every task and term end hypothesis examination are twofold of the imprints referenced in results. So for instance, if for a course, the most extreme imprints are 50 and the imprints acquired are 40, the evaluation card will indicate marks got to be 80.

For conclusive figuring, the evaluation card number cruncher of IGNOU 2019 considers the imprints given in the evaluation card. According to the weightage separation and count conspire, these imprints will be changed over and after that additional up for the last checks.

In the event that, hopefuls are not happy with the evaluation card and results, they can connect with the assessment focus and demand for revaluation of answer contents by presenting a structure (accessible on the web) and pertinent expense charges (Rs. 750 for each course).

Applicants can likewise request photocopies of answer contents by connecting with the assessment focus and presenting a demand with the assistance of a structure (accessible on the web) and paying the pertinent expense charges (Rs. 100 for each course).

IGNOU additionally enables the possibility to apply for a copy IGNOU grade card in the event that they have lost or lost it. All things considered, applicants should present demand and draft a DD for IGNOU payable in ‘New Delhi’ for Rs 250.

The last grade will be granted based on the last rate gotten by hopefuls. The last rate will be determined by including the scores (changed over according to the weightage) everything being equal, practicals, and hypothesis examination. The college will utilize the previously mentioned evaluating diagram to grant the last grade to understudies.

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